About me


I'm an amature illustrator based on the Isle of Wight. After spending five years studying and working in Bristol, I moved back to the Island to work in family business. By day,  I create marketing materials for the bakery and by night I’m sketching and painting. 

Although I read Politics and Philosophy at the University of Bristol, my real passion has always been in illustration and graphic design. It’s a lot less stressful than the emotional demands of politics! 

My work is intensely personal, often featuring self-portraits that tackle body image, self-esteem and mental health. I take inspiration from the quotes and lyrics that uncontrollably loop around in my brain. I use pen, marker and gauche to create colourful portraits and illustrations to turn those words into something visual. 

I’m fascinated by traditional and neo-traditional tattoo styles as they so beautifully weave text into a piece of art. There is something so satisfying about the combination of vibrant primary colours with thick black lines and dots!

I’m still finding a style that I’m comfortable with, and I hope to include more floral and architectural themes in future. Wherever I take my art, it will always serve to be a medium to express what I’m experiencing when words alone can’t do it justice.